Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter Tracks

Have you ever gotten a little bit off track with something? That’s how I felt this past weekend. I felt a little nervous and a little sad. I let anxiety get the best of me, and I got off course from a path I have been steadying myself on for a handful of months now.

I wrestled with my emotions and they tugged back on my heart.

I got all worked up… only to feel a little let down.

It’s difficult to describe but…I felt ashamed.

By mid-morning on Saturday, I walked outside to explore the yard under the fresh blanket of snow that swept the east coast earlier in the week.

Everything was still.

Everything was quiet.

A calmness wrapped itself around the property and over me.

I discovered a track of animal footprints leading from our back patio, across the yard, leading underneath the weeping cherry tree at the front of the yard. I ducked underneath the tree and discovered a circular indentation in the snow. Sure enough, some little critter made a snow fort for itself during the height of the storm. Was it an opossum? A raccoon? Whatever it was, it made me happy to think about it sitting calmly underneath the tree, watching the snow swirl about. It's track was so clear.

I welcome Monday. It’s a new week and if needed, I hope it brings calmness and clarity to each of you too.

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