Monday, March 15, 2010

...And Then Santa Monica Stole My Heart

Oh Southern California. Why’d I leave you? Although my family is rolling their eyes at my syrupy-sweet love affair with the greater Los Angeles area, I won’t stop swooning.

As previously mentioned, the first leg of my trip was dedicated to work obligations. I had some media related tasks to accomplish on Friday; everything went smoothly. But really, how can it not when you’re in the presence of a charming actor and charismatic members of the press? Once all duties were fulfilled; it was off to explore and indulge. I was able to catch up with a darling gal, (and good friend of my family) under the sunny skies of Westwood. We sipped on wine and swapped stories about what life has served us up since she relocated to the west coast a few months ago.

For dinner, I met a friend from college who happened to be in LA for work too! How fun is that? I zipped down Wilshire in my beat up rental car like any old LA native. We shared tapas and collective sighs, “Why don’t we live here again?”

But the best part…oh…the best part. That came Saturday. Santa Monica, perfect as a peach, sunshine spotted side streets, jasmine blossoms and rose water loveliness, oh Santa Monica! You are right in every way that there is to be right.

Santa Monica slapped a smile on me that didn’t disappear until I touched down at JFK.

My friend and her husband live in a little bohemian beach bungalow a few blocks from the beach. Their life is full of the following:
Cheerful succulents and potted plants
Ocean breeze and yummy red wine
Walks, speckled with kisses on the forehead
 A nickname that husband lovingly calls wife, one that reminds me of when we were kids
It. Was. Magical. They are so blessed that they are able to explore a new place together and create a home. I felt humbled and lucky to watch them for the weekend.
It was, Very. Perfect.

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  1. Emily-- you just made my heart skip a beat. Thankfully, I only have two weeks until I will be basking in the California sun. It was love at first sight.