Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cold Beers & Kebabs

This past weekend was an early preview to what summer might bring.

Friday night, my best friend and I literally skipped off the train to meet our buddies for bar food and cold beers. It was impromptu. Low key and comfortable. The perfect way to end the work week.

Saturday I had beautiful, wide-eyed, Hazel Mae’s birthday party at my cousin’s house in
upstate Connecticut. What a lovely day to be a little kid. Dirt on the knees, sticky, chocolate icing covered fingers and one too many cups of soda.

Saturday night the air smelled sweet and the breeze danced over our bare shoulders.
The 70 degree weather inspired us to make citrusy cocktails and fire up the barbeque.
My friends and I were sitting outside on the deck, pleading with the sun not to set.
Someone even said, “I wish the sun was setting up.”


I did too.

I wished we could’ve turned back the clock, oh, about 10-15 years.

What is it about warm weather and friends you’ve known since you were in elementary school? Time stops. We grilled kebabs and goofed around. Sure, over the course of the weekend while in the company of the dudes of all dudes, my girlfriend and I heard some things we could've been spared, and we certainly saw some 'dude' stuff we absolutely didn't want to see... but, eh, I wouldn't do a do over. We lounged on the porch, looking at old photos and trying to remember who was paired with whom for our respective high school dances.

Although the sun wasn’t ‘setting up,’ it did feel like it was suspended in the sky for a beat or two longer than it naturally would, before dipping down into the horizon line.
I think that’s the magic of having a circle of friends you’ve known since spelling tests and times tables. You grow up. You move away. You get a job and you meet a mate, but when you come home, and the pieces line up just right? It’s like no one ever left.
happy sunday evening, friends. xo

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