Friday, March 5, 2010

The Difference of a Year

A year ago this weekend, a few things happened that stir up conflicting feelings for me today: Has it only been a year? A year has gone by already? I was let down by someone I loved. A friend suffered a devastating loss. I said a final goodbye to a beloved four legged friend.

Oh, these memories make me thick in the throat and glossy eyed.

The let down? It was heart achingly painful and disappointing. ‘Clutch-hand-to-heart-and-let-the-tears roll’ category of disappointment.

The friend’s loss? Unexpected journeys most certainly have an end… but those too, are unexpected, and almost always come too soon.

Saying goodbye to our sweet, dear pet? I still miss her paws around my neck, and her steady, rhythmic purr whenever we’d pet her silky, tortoise shell fur.

Retrospective speaking comes a bit easier- of course- but, I realize now, that these moments are worthy of appreciation. They opened my eyes, refreshed my heart, and renewed my sense of self-awareness.

Wishing you all a lovely, thoughtful weekend. xo

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