Tuesday, March 23, 2010

London Calling

Oh goodness gracious.

It’s all a buzz here in Emily’s World.

Drum roll please….

I am hopping the pond! My trip to London has finally arrived.
And boy, it sure did sneak up on me!
I am going to have a visit with my very best friend who moved there a few months ago.
We’re going to puddle jump our way through London; drinking tea and eating crumpets the whole time.
I’ll wave the British Flag and salute the Queen.
It’s going to be maaahvelous, dahling, simply mahvelous.

And after we get all giggled out in London? We’re heading to Bruges to explore the ancient canals and architecture there.

I am just about jumping out of my wellies with excitement!
If only I could achieve “cool and collected” in the muddy countryside, just as Miss Moss does.
Oh, there is so much to tell you. There are so many things happening before I even board the plane! My tummy has about 100 butterflies fluttering around inside. My hands are a little clammy and my heart keeps doing jumping jacks. It’s a good nervous. A new kind of nervous. But, until all the activity stops circling around in the celestial air, and settles down gently on firm ground, my lips are sealed.

Until then… I’m off to London!


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