Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh, Hey L.A.

This week has been a pinch busier than usual. I am gearing up for a trip out to LA. Business is what brings me there, but old friends are keeping me there through the weekend! I feel so lucky to extend my trip into a friend fest! I will be sure to update on all things ‘west coast’ upon my arrival back east. I absolutely cannot wait to be sunshine-bound tomorrow. It’s supposed to be in the 70’s this weekend in LA. Although, I'm more excited to return to some favorite eateries I sampled on my last trip there.

Look out Joan’s on Third, I’m coming to you!
I had a lovely last minute dinner with a friend who was back in NYC for a business trip yesterday. Ooooh it was just divine to catch-up with her over wine and snacks before hopping a train back home! We went to Bar Breton. I recommend their arugula salad, but boy, do I wish I indulged in the burger and fries.

How yummy does that look?
One final note to this semi-scattered, pre-trip blog post: One of my best buddies on planet earth emailed me today asking if he’d be receiving notifications when my blog would be updated because, he had already logged on twice today.

UM. Be still my heart!

That was just about the sweetest little note ever. But er, the answer is no. I’m not blog-savvy yet to figure out how to blind email readers on new postings. Oh well. At least he’s reading!

Happy Wednesday! xo

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