Monday, March 1, 2010

Red, White & Blue

Sigh. The Winter Olympics have officially come to a close. I was riveted by the events- all 17 days of them. Captivated by the coverage and peddling patriotism, I was a human encyclopedia for all things Olympic this year. (image compliments of

I think my heart burst red, white & blue confetti when Johnny Spillane became the first American to medal in the Nordic combined. Ditto on Hannah Kearney’s gold medal mogul run, although I do wish she stuck around for the closing ceremonies. Attendance should be a requirement. Yes, I’m talking to you too Shaun White. Although who can hold a grudge against a kid who ‘dropped the Double McTwist’ after he already learned he won the gold medal for the men’s half pipe. I love the fact that the Flying Tomato (he doesn’t like being called that, by the way) was secretly training on a half pipe in Colorado, that the kind folks at Red Bull built him.

I love the behind-the sceney stuff that ahem, some New York Time’s reporters find insulting.

I wrote a letter to Alessandra Stanley telling her how much I disagreed with her unpatriotic review of NBC’s coverage. Um, the Times didn’t publish it. But I felt some redemption after putting pen to paper.

Human interest stories involving miraculous recovery from incurable injuries? Yes, please! Awkward invasive camera lens angled approximately 4 inches from Lindsey’s Vonn’s tear stung cheeks after her winning run? Yep, more of that NBC. Bob Costas and his one-liners? Keep em’ coming. Although I think my ode to Ted Ligety with ‘LIGETY SPLIT,’ was pretty much near perfect. Better than Bob’s ‘Bod-acious’ anyway.

I don’t even like Bode Miller that much (you and Andy Roddick should go to American Athlete Attitude Adjustment Seminars) but boy, you better believe I was flinging the blanket off my lap and leaping to my feet when he won his medals. Go Bode. You proved us wrong. Now go be your mysterious self and refuse to do any post-run interviews- that’s why we love ya’ bud. Just not as much as Aksel-Lund Svindal- good grief you are handsome Aksel.

I loved every ‘Yes! America is still leading the medal tally!’ minute of these winter games. I especially loved New York Magazine’s article; It’s All About How You Win, found here:

Tough break for Team USA in the men’s hockey final (star-spangled tears welling up in my eyes), although, can I just say- good grief Crosby; you’re 22 and a Canadian hero now.

Only 879 more days until the Summer Games in London. Go Phelps!

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  1. Yes I"m sad too. I guess we'll have to make do with "The Bachelor".