Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Sprung! Part II

Later this weekend, after my 'spring has sprung shopping spree,' I met two of my college girlfriends for a little afternoon romp about the city. We dabbled in some daytime drinking- it was just too pretty to pass up margaritas in the sunshine. We had buckets of fun and promised to keep up with our reunions. I see both of them quite a bit, but not together, so it was a treat indeed. Isn't there something delightfully indulgent about sipping cocktails with old friends mid-day?

The festivities continued! Upon my arrival back home in CT, I acted as faithful sidekick to my sister. Our friend's sister was having a Bavarian themed birthday party- how fun is that? I went from snacking on chips and guacamole, to sipping on German beer and sampling sauerkraut and bratwurst! 

Sunday was spent in the sunshine. Sun on my shoulders and a walk with my family to see the donkeys who live in the town over. My dad and I love this walk, and it was fun to bring mom and older sister along for the adventure.

Um, I think the donkeys were having a case of spring fever too! They were munching on grass in the front yard! Too darn cute.

This is me, my sister and my mom giving the donkey a little nose nuzzle.

Side note- my dad and I learned from the ever-so-posh owner, that one of the donkeys is 43 years old! Holy smokes, can you believe that? 

Here's to a blissful Monday! xo

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  1. cool. once again, leave amanda, the coolest sister, out of the cool fun awesome group FAMILY activities. I'm so peeved.