Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Sprung!

What a lovely weekend! Spring gave us East Coasters the preview we've not-so-patiently been waiting for. I slipped my feet into a pair of ballet flats for the first time in months and- gasp- I wore a short sleeved sweater for my afternoon out with girlfriends in the city.

It was such a decadent day! I indulged in a little pre-spring shopping. I have this habit of seeing clothing in the store and immediately inventing a new lifestyle for myself based on the outfit.  The game of 'match outfit with fantasy life' goes something like this:

"Oh I must have this cool army green drawstring jacket. Yes. Yes I must. It's absolutely perfect for clam digging and picking up seashells along the coastline in Maine." Huh?

Or,"Ooooh these pixie pants are exactly what I need for that imaginary Audrey Hepburn inspired cocktail party that one day 'Future Emily' may get invited to." This hasn't happened yet.

"This thigh-length terracota hued cotton sweater is ideal for my lazy Saturdays spent milling about the farmer's market when I live in San Francisco. Ah yes, there I am,  sifting through buckets of beets, flirting with local farmers and purchasing fresh ingredients to bake rhubarb pies." I've never ate a rhubarb.

Does anyone else do that when they go shopping? It's kind of like playing dress-up when you were little,  conjuring up a new plot line for your life, only the money isn't play money anymore. Humph.

One of my purchases included this sweet-as-a-peach striped dress from Kate Spade. I love going into that store. Everything is so darn cute. I wish I could move into the space on 21st and 5th avenue and make a little bachelorette pad for myself! I can picture me now, cuddled up on the couch, sipping on pink champagne and baking pies. 

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