Friday, April 30, 2010

A Perfect End to the Week!

Skipping out early to enjoy some beers with my REAL big sister and my SORORITY big sister.
I love you White Horse Tavern.
I smell a montage of 'Things I'll Miss Most about New York' posts in the near future.
Followed by, 'Things I'll really Miss about New England.'
For now though, "beer me!"
Happy sunshine on your shoulders weekend friends!

Cute Animal Friday

Yep. Yep, it is a slow Friday.

images found on cuteoverload  and daily puppy

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ice Cream Makes Everything Better

Oh gosh.
This finding an apartment stuff?
I'm feeling a bit flummoxed.
A bit be twitched and a bit between.
I know what makes that better.
Ice cream.

When my sister and I were little, my dad would take us to Carvel on Wednesday nights. 
We'd get our sundaes (sometimes an occasional brown bonnet) and he'd open the trunk of the car for us to sit and dangle our legs as we ate our ice cream.

and for me,
there was nothing sweeter than
hazy summer nights
sitting in the open air
with my sisters
our long legs and sneakered feet hanging off the edge of the car
as we scooped up our ice cream and hot fudge

I think...
I think my family might be having a hard time with my looming move.
We're not so good when it comes to change.
I'm the least flexible when it comes to adjustments actually.

I've been so caught up in the excitement of a new job and a new city, that I didn't fully consider or digest how everyone else might be feeling.
Sheesh, thinking about that gives me very heavy boots.
For now though, I think I'll just continue to eat some ice cream?

I'm pretty sure, it's going to make us all

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a nod to e.e. cummings

is there anything more lovely than e.e. cummings?
nope! in fact i am posting my post preface in all lower case letters as a nod to e.e.
so sweet and simple. i find this poem so comforting.
image from 3191 miles apart
maggie and milly and molly and may
went down to the beach (to play one day)

and maggie discovered a shell that sang
so sweetly she couldn’t remember her troubles,and

milly befriended a stranded star
whose rays five languid fingers were;

and molly was chased by a horrible thing
which raced sideways while blowing bubbles:and

may came home with a smooth round stone
as small as a world and as large as alone.

For whatever we lose(like a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves we find in the sea

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Adventures Ahead!

Well... it's been a long few months since I started exploring options for big adventures!
I put my feelers out there and looked into a couple of different things.
Some felt good, but not...
I can't explain it really.
Getting accepted to graduate school was such a confidence booster, I must say.
The days I opened up the letters?
Those days will be etched in my memory and counted among the highest of personal accomplishments.
I took some time to figure things out.
courtesy of Brock Street
I vetted options.
Sometimes it was difficult.
Other times it felt mad and exciting and exhausting and mysterious.
Discovering what I wanted... I mean really getting there,
 down to the core...
That's the good stuff.
The hard stuff.
But I was patient and I waited.
(sometimes quietly, other times not so quietly or graciously at all)
as the world unfolded
and opened up its arms....
to me.
courtesy of A cup of Jo
Oh, hello San Francisco.
I think I'll like it there.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fairfield County Summer of 1948-49

Holy smokes.
I just came across the silliest post on A Continuous Lean.
Hailing from the great County of Fairfield, I am particularly tickled by these photos from LIFE magazine.
Oh gosh, it's true isn't it? Young co-eds in the 40's just oozed glamour and glitz. 
Was I supposed to have been born 30 years earlier?

I was just invited to head out on my friend's boat this weekend. We'll be cruising the SAME water as the folks in the photos.
Ah, The Sound.
Something tells me, my day out on the water is going to play out a bit differently though. I think our trip will involve a few more beer cans-and sadly- a woman in a long black gown will most likely not be making an appearance.

Happy Weekend Friends!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Hug

Creatures big and small
tallest of trees
rivers and oceans
mountains, quarries, forests
and sky so bright
thank you for letting us enjoy you
Just like I told my little sister a couple years ago,
Wouldn't it be nice if we could all hug a saguaro?
I love you, Mother Earth
Happy Day

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Star Gazing

Aren't these photos beautiful? Both are pure magic in their own right.
Both celestial and both created from something...
I love the juxtaposition of natural beauty and manmade beauty.
I stumbled upon them in my daily blog rounds.
I'm not quite sure what The Open Soul Project is exactly,
 but it certinaly sounds lovely, doesn't it?
Happy star gazing and night dreaming friends,

Oh Clover, I wish you were mine

Collective sigh on three.....Clover the goldendoodle is so cuuuuute. This cheered me up after my parking ticket appeal denial.  Clovs, I wish I was napping right next to you! xo

UPDATE: Hey Norwalk Parking Authority- Beat it.

Norwalk Parking Violations Email to me

Dear Emily,

Please be advised that we have reviewed your administrative appeal letter and based on the information supplied and careful consideration of all facts, we have DENIED this request.
If you wish to request a hearing, you must do so WITHIN 10 DAYS of the date of this message. To request a formal hearing, please mail your request to:

Norwalk Parking Authority
11 North Water Street
Norwalk, CT 06856

Your request must be received NO LATER THAN 10 DAYS of the date of this e-mail or it will be denied.
We will notify you by letter of the date and time of your hearing.

Norwalk Parking Authority

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uh, What?

One More for the Road? Bar Cars May Face a Last Call Please, no.
Article linked here: New York Times

Girl with Elephant

Oooof. This is too darn adorable.
Wouldn't it be nice to sit with an elephant and think about things for a little while?
image via simplelovely
Yep. I thought so too.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Phases of the Moon Card

Uh. I basically found the cutest card on the internet, and it's theme happens to pair perfectly with my blog's namesake! Check out this phase of the moon folding card:
It's so dang adorable, I nearly fell out of my computer chair when I saw it here: youaremyfave
I'm pretty certain this doubles as a light fixture for your bedroom too!
Oooh, so cute. xo

I Spy a Dragonfly

In my dream last night there was a dragonfly.

I was sitting on my bed and I saw it nestled between two maple leaves, sort of dangling from my ceiling.  I asked my mom to get the dragon fly out of my room so I could go to bed without having to sleep with one eye open. My mom almost had it cupped in her hands but it escaped at the last minute and flew about and then swooped down onto my chest. In the dream I was calm during the split second that it landed on my chest.
Then, I awoke out of REM cycle and in real life-not dream life- I shot straight up in bed and frantically brushed and flicked the non-existent dragonfly off my chest.

This morning, I googled what dragonflies represent.

The main symbolisms of the dragonfly are renewal, positive force and the power of life in general. Dragonflies can also be a symbol of the sense of self that comes with maturity. Also, as a creature of the wind, the dragonfly frequently represents change. The dragonfly has been a symbol of happiness, new beginnings and change for many centuries and even though the representation of the dragonfly seems to change throughout the cultures, there are still a few things that are similar; the dragonfly means hope, change and love.

This is particularly interesting because I am expecting some news in the coming days that could mean a big change for me.
Aren't our dreams so telling? It's magical and mysterious and mystical.
Wishing everyone a magical monday! xo

Friday, April 16, 2010

Champagne and Giggles

Champagne Giggles & All Things Girly
That is what's in store for this weekend
A celebration of love and friendship
Lots of yummy treats and high heeled feet
We've got a Miss who is a soon-to-be Mrs.
Now isn't that something special?
Ooooh I cannot wait
Happy Weekend

Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Open Letter To The Norwalk Parking Authority Department of Public Works

SN RR Garage Level 4.

To Whom It May Concern,

I was having a wonderful day, despite a massive headache. I made it to the station with plenty of time. The conductor during my morning commute was very pleasant and explained the different station zones to me. No one has done that before. Things were going fine. Strangely, I had to wait for my morning coffee at the place I go to everyday. It was odd, but I didn't mind. The sun was shining and the people were friendly. At work, I did things that challenged me. I heard from a couple friends who had lovely things to say. I went out for an ice cream in the late afternoon after a long conference call, and helped assist a stranger to the place that I bought it. I had to interview a couple people for an opening in my office. Both candidates were so kind, and inspired. It made me feel good. Happy. I had to stay late to do that, and I didn't even mind. On the later train home, I had a man sitting next to me that sneezed a lot. I offered him some tissues and he was really grateful. When we reached Stamford, we had to switch trains (all of us) because of mechanical problems. This was met with a lot of angry remarks, but I didn't mind. These things happen. When I finally got to South Norwalk, there was no line to pay parking. This almost never happens. The machine ate my ticket, as it usually does. I didn't loose my composure. I just waited patiently. I ran into a really old friend I hadn't seen in maybe 8 years. It was really, really nice to see them. I got to my car, and thought- what a GREAT day. And then I saw my ticket for occupying more than one space. And it really bothered me. Because a) I didn't even know that was a violation. Really? and b) I wouldn't do that. I'm a good, smart, kind person, as you may see from my really awesome day. I help people out and I try to understand when some things just don't go my way. You roll with the punches. But this ruined my perfectly perfect day. It really upset me. My right tires were over the yellow line of the space, but I wasn't occupying two spots. And being the honest person that I am, I would've taken a photo with my phone, but I noticed the ticket after I drove out of the spot. I figure you have security cameras in the garage, so you can confirm that. If you don't have camera's I'd suggest investing- it makes people feel better. So, really, all I can do is say, I wouldn't mind paying this if it was a true thing but it's not. And it really bothers me. And actually, I think you should pay me. For being a good person. Probably the nicest. I took the time to provide some real context to how this ticket made me feel. So there.


(I actually DID send the above. I did not submit the post scripts. Those thoughts only came to me when I reenacted the incident to my parents.) 

And P.S. your website link on the back of the parking ticket,you know the one? Where you can submit your appeal online? It's incorrect. So. I fine you $1,000 for lying to the public. 

And P.P.S you know how many times I've squeezed my car into a spot when someone maybe a little bit was over the line, and then CRAWLED OUT OF THE CAR from the PASSENGER side? THREE. THREE TIMES. And I didn't mind because that person was probably having a sucky morning and just in a rush trying to make the train. 

Juice Cleanse, blek

Uh. I did a juice cleanse earlier this week.
It kind of made me feel like this:
And a little like this:
 I'm glad it's over. Pass the fries, please.
*cute children photos can be found here and here

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If Flowers Could Sing...

I wanted to devote a post to my cousin Sara. Or, as my friends oh-so-adorably dubbed her, “Singing Cousin Sara.” Sara’s voice is pure beauty. When she sings, it sounds like honeysuckle and sugar water pouring from her mouth. I think there are flowers mixed in with the notes she sings. They tumble out of her mouth and dance across the room.

She sings sweetly.
Oh, and sometimes she plays the tambourine.

She could be spending her days making daisy chains and baking pies in Maine (both lovely things) but instead, oooooh instead... Miss Sara Hallie Richardson is singing at Pianos in New York City on Wednesday, April 14th.
You Go Girl.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bring out the Balloons!

image originally from
Oh goodness gracious! 
This weekend brought many lovely moments
A phone call from across the sea
delivered news of a long awaited engagement 
between two of my very favorite people in this 
We celebrated the upcoming arrival of a baby boy 
among flowers and friends 
and later in the weekend
I learned of a newer set of expectant parents to-be
There is so much to smile about.
This calls for balloons, doesn't it? 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Initial This!

You've heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but what about wearing your initial 'round your neck? 
I know of these two gorgeous gals that want you to do just that. Well okay fine, one of them is my sister. They're oh-so-cute and get to wear diamonds all day, so what's not to love? 
If diamonds and beauty don't convince you, then this should: The Carelle Girls have partnered with an extraordinary organization, Sanctuary For Families, a non-profit foundation that has been transforming the lives of victims of domestic abuse, sex trafficking and their children since 1984.  
Here's where the initialing comes in: they have created a limited edition sterling silver 3/4" diameter initial pendant. Available in every letter of the alphabet on a 16” sterling silver chain, forty percent of the proceeds will be donated to Sanctuary for Families. Details illustrated more eloquently here:
What a pair of gems! xo

Friday, April 9, 2010

Summer? Please Come.

My heart is aching for summer.
Kadima matches in the yard.
A late afternoon glass of wine.
Saltwater stains on my skin.
The tickling of grass beneath my bare feet.
Sherbet sunsets and the sound of waves tumbling rocks around and around.
Sleepy days spent reading in the shade.
Oh Summer, hurry up and get here.

*I can't remember where I found this lovely photo. Reminders are welcome.*

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Catalogue of Curiosities

Now isn’t this little catalogue of curiosities cute and clever?
I found it on Daily Candy today.

Kate Bingaman-Burt has been chronicling everything she’s purchased-from knick knacks and snacks, to bigger ticket items- for over three years now. I didn’t think objects as ordinary as ticket-stubs and pizza boxes could look so whimsical!

I completely adore her colorful pen to paper sketches.

Why didn’t I think of this?

Empire State of Mind

Last night, in the balmy 92 degree APRIL heat, best friend #2 and I had dinner at a neighborhood favorite of ours; inoteca. It had been a couple weeks since I had seen her; she's been quite the globe trotter lately. In fact, she can claim getting bit on her big toe by an iguana, while in Costa Rica! Who knew iguana's thought toes were tasty?

Anyway, on our post-dinner walk, we looked up at the Empire State Building and wondered aloud, "What DO the lights represent?" Sure, during the holidays and political events it is fairly easy to identify the symbolism, but why red, yellow and blue yesterday? (We snapped a picture as evidence for our quest for knowledge.)
Good thing my day job doesn't keep me too busy, because the code is easily cracked via the official Empire State Building website. Kind of fun, no? Take a peek!

*P.S. last night's lights represent the White House Project, Annual EPIC Awards.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Instant Happiness

It's 80 degrees in New York today.
Around three o'clock I left my teeny tiny office to take a sidewalk stroll.
And that's when it happened folks.
Nope. Did not yet bump into handsome stranger on the street and fall instantaneously in love, although I do daydream about that on a semi-regular basis.
The second best thing happened. I walked right by my office on what was supposed to be my 'return lap,' and instead headed towards the corner of Fifth Avenue, adjacent to the park. And that is where I got my first Mister Softee of the sunny season! Vanilla, in a cone, with rainbow sprinkles.
Instant happiness.

Fish Bachelor Pad

Umbra - fishcondo by teddy luong

UM. This is the world's luckiest fish! Forget those rectangular tanks, outfitted with plastic scuba diver figurines and sunken treasure chests filled with fool's gold. This fish tank is modern, sleek, and oh-so-chic. I am thinking I need a goldfish, pronto. We used to have a rotating supply of pet goldfish that lived in a pretty little glass bowl on top of our kitchen counter. It didn't bode well with the cats.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Begin Again

This weekend I thought a lot about someone from a not so distant past, although my memories of that time spent together feels foggy, sepia toned. In the actual moments, the pixels were clear, but now it’s more like looking through a kaleidoscope. A pretty picture but… skewed and not presented as it should really appear.

I thought of people with whom I’ve just recently fell a little bit out of sync. It’s with mixed emotions that the tight ropes of these relationships were released; slightly, just enough. Enough for peace of mind but these past few days the feeling one experiences from the lack of daily contact you used to have… it hit me with a blanket of mild melancholy.

It was the eve of the day that represents rebirth and new beginnings, and perhaps before this day, I needed to purge the past.

It was Easter weekend and all around, life was budding. Crocus pushed their way up through the soil. The spring peepers sang a midnight chorus. I for one, allowed my skin to soak up the vitamin D.

And then, a true representation of the holiday’s renewal: our neighbor’s horse gave birth on Friday to a beauty spotted foal. We walked across the street to welcome this new creature to the world; just two days old. All leg and knobby kneed, the baby horse stood by her protective mother as we snapped pictures and swapped squeals.
The weight of the past gently lifted and drifted into the horizon. We begin again.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tales from Lovely London and Beautiful Bruges

I am back from London. Sigh. It came and went so quickly. I touched down late Thursday evening and went directly to join my friends in the Kensington area for a glass of wine… followed by a few more… before bedtime.

My friend’s flat is quintessentially British. Flowers and paintings, and lovely little London quirks; like softer water pressure and light switches placed on the floor instead of mounted on the wall.
Up early for a long walk about London: me, my friend, and her little brother. We walked all over. Most of it on purpose, some of our steps a bit misguided. I think that’s the fun of it though, isn’t it? All roads lead to home, after all.
We arrived at our outdoor eating destination, Borough Market, where every of the five senses was stimulated. I could’ve been in Arabian Nights and wouldn’t have known the difference. So many sights, smells and tastes. Exotic meats, intricate sweets, all things cured, smoked, grilled, fried, melted. After our bellies were full and our energy levels up, we forged on to the Tate Modern and then back to the garden flat. For those curious about boots abroad: I learned later that night, that no one in London actually wears wellies, especially out to the pub. I was crushed by this revelation, and er, humbled by the bouncer who begrudgingly allowed my admission.

That evening we met at another friend’s flat for drinks and snacks before perhaps the silliest dinner I’ve ever been invited too. Six of us experienced true Austrian dining and entertaining. For those unsure of what that means, I’m not sure I can offer much clarification. Envision lots of sausage, larger than life beers, and men dressed in Sound of Music garb, serenading the diners. We danced deep into the night, our bellies full of beer. Younger brother did his part to keep us young, and slightly foggy the next morning.

The following days included lots of Americanized activity. We cheered on a friend in his lacrosse game, followed by drinks and player initiation at an outdoor pub. We enjoyed delicious, lengthy dinners with extended groups of expats. Nice people and good conversation; they go a long way, don’t they?
Next, we journeyed to Bruges. Beautiful and enchanting Bruges.
We adored it’s cobblestone streets and horse drawn carriages. Crumbling, musty churches, adorable little dogs, and meandering canals throughout. Tiny chocolate shops and quaint little cafes that could’ve served the Belgian bourgeois for all we know.

Oh yes, and lots of ducks. I was quite taken with the ducks. Are they cuter in Belgium? Yes, yes, I think so.
We climbed all 300+ steps to the top of the Belfast to take in the views of Belgium. We wandered about the Markt, and drank and ate as we pleased. It was heavenly.
Who lives in those ancient little homes along the canal anyway? What is life like growing up in Bruges?

Why is everything just a bit more magical in Europe?

London is vast and sprawling. It smells pretty there; like primroses and fresh rain. I suppose because there is plenty of it. I don’t know if I could meet all that rain each morning with a smile. It was with a beating heart of pride, that I left my friend on Tuesday afternoon. She is soaking up everything London has to offer. For me, and I think for her, it’s the luxury and accessibility of travel that makes living in London so appealing. Hop on a train, and you can be anywhere your heart desires so it seems.

It was with heavy boots that I said goodbye when my friend first relocated to London, but now I understand a bit better. It’s romantic and new and engaging. It’s an adventure abroad that changes every day.