Sunday, April 4, 2010

Begin Again

This weekend I thought a lot about someone from a not so distant past, although my memories of that time spent together feels foggy, sepia toned. In the actual moments, the pixels were clear, but now it’s more like looking through a kaleidoscope. A pretty picture but… skewed and not presented as it should really appear.

I thought of people with whom I’ve just recently fell a little bit out of sync. It’s with mixed emotions that the tight ropes of these relationships were released; slightly, just enough. Enough for peace of mind but these past few days the feeling one experiences from the lack of daily contact you used to have… it hit me with a blanket of mild melancholy.

It was the eve of the day that represents rebirth and new beginnings, and perhaps before this day, I needed to purge the past.

It was Easter weekend and all around, life was budding. Crocus pushed their way up through the soil. The spring peepers sang a midnight chorus. I for one, allowed my skin to soak up the vitamin D.

And then, a true representation of the holiday’s renewal: our neighbor’s horse gave birth on Friday to a beauty spotted foal. We walked across the street to welcome this new creature to the world; just two days old. All leg and knobby kneed, the baby horse stood by her protective mother as we snapped pictures and swapped squeals.
The weight of the past gently lifted and drifted into the horizon. We begin again.

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