Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Big Adventures Ahead!

Well... it's been a long few months since I started exploring options for big adventures!
I put my feelers out there and looked into a couple of different things.
Some felt good, but not...
I can't explain it really.
Getting accepted to graduate school was such a confidence booster, I must say.
The days I opened up the letters?
Those days will be etched in my memory and counted among the highest of personal accomplishments.
I took some time to figure things out.
courtesy of Brock Street
I vetted options.
Sometimes it was difficult.
Other times it felt mad and exciting and exhausting and mysterious.
Discovering what I wanted... I mean really getting there,
 down to the core...
That's the good stuff.
The hard stuff.
But I was patient and I waited.
(sometimes quietly, other times not so quietly or graciously at all)
as the world unfolded
and opened up its arms....
to me.
courtesy of A cup of Jo
Oh, hello San Francisco.
I think I'll like it there.

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