Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ice Cream Makes Everything Better

Oh gosh.
This finding an apartment stuff?
I'm feeling a bit flummoxed.
A bit be twitched and a bit between.
I know what makes that better.
Ice cream.

When my sister and I were little, my dad would take us to Carvel on Wednesday nights. 
We'd get our sundaes (sometimes an occasional brown bonnet) and he'd open the trunk of the car for us to sit and dangle our legs as we ate our ice cream.

and for me,
there was nothing sweeter than
hazy summer nights
sitting in the open air
with my sisters
our long legs and sneakered feet hanging off the edge of the car
as we scooped up our ice cream and hot fudge

I think...
I think my family might be having a hard time with my looming move.
We're not so good when it comes to change.
I'm the least flexible when it comes to adjustments actually.

I've been so caught up in the excitement of a new job and a new city, that I didn't fully consider or digest how everyone else might be feeling.
Sheesh, thinking about that gives me very heavy boots.
For now though, I think I'll just continue to eat some ice cream?

I'm pretty sure, it's going to make us all


  1. Heavy boots, light spirit, full heart.

  2. I believe you mean, "when my SISTERSSSSSS and I were little." I was alive for these memories Em, don't cut me out yet!!!

  3. poor panda...
    ice cream makes everything better.

  4. oh gosh. slip of the finger typo. forgive me my dearest panda? love, your direct older sister.