Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Open Letter To The Norwalk Parking Authority Department of Public Works

SN RR Garage Level 4.

To Whom It May Concern,

I was having a wonderful day, despite a massive headache. I made it to the station with plenty of time. The conductor during my morning commute was very pleasant and explained the different station zones to me. No one has done that before. Things were going fine. Strangely, I had to wait for my morning coffee at the place I go to everyday. It was odd, but I didn't mind. The sun was shining and the people were friendly. At work, I did things that challenged me. I heard from a couple friends who had lovely things to say. I went out for an ice cream in the late afternoon after a long conference call, and helped assist a stranger to the place that I bought it. I had to interview a couple people for an opening in my office. Both candidates were so kind, and inspired. It made me feel good. Happy. I had to stay late to do that, and I didn't even mind. On the later train home, I had a man sitting next to me that sneezed a lot. I offered him some tissues and he was really grateful. When we reached Stamford, we had to switch trains (all of us) because of mechanical problems. This was met with a lot of angry remarks, but I didn't mind. These things happen. When I finally got to South Norwalk, there was no line to pay parking. This almost never happens. The machine ate my ticket, as it usually does. I didn't loose my composure. I just waited patiently. I ran into a really old friend I hadn't seen in maybe 8 years. It was really, really nice to see them. I got to my car, and thought- what a GREAT day. And then I saw my ticket for occupying more than one space. And it really bothered me. Because a) I didn't even know that was a violation. Really? and b) I wouldn't do that. I'm a good, smart, kind person, as you may see from my really awesome day. I help people out and I try to understand when some things just don't go my way. You roll with the punches. But this ruined my perfectly perfect day. It really upset me. My right tires were over the yellow line of the space, but I wasn't occupying two spots. And being the honest person that I am, I would've taken a photo with my phone, but I noticed the ticket after I drove out of the spot. I figure you have security cameras in the garage, so you can confirm that. If you don't have camera's I'd suggest investing- it makes people feel better. So, really, all I can do is say, I wouldn't mind paying this if it was a true thing but it's not. And it really bothers me. And actually, I think you should pay me. For being a good person. Probably the nicest. I took the time to provide some real context to how this ticket made me feel. So there.


(I actually DID send the above. I did not submit the post scripts. Those thoughts only came to me when I reenacted the incident to my parents.) 

And P.S. your website link on the back of the parking ticket,you know the one? Where you can submit your appeal online? It's incorrect. So. I fine you $1,000 for lying to the public. 

And P.P.S you know how many times I've squeezed my car into a spot when someone maybe a little bit was over the line, and then CRAWLED OUT OF THE CAR from the PASSENGER side? THREE. THREE TIMES. And I didn't mind because that person was probably having a sucky morning and just in a rush trying to make the train. 

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