Thursday, May 20, 2010

All My Bags Are Packed.... Almost, But Not Quite, Ready to Go!

Today was the first day, in a long series of days, that I didn't feel a knot of anxiety in my chest.
Or a rush of nerves in my belly or a pang of doubt in my mind.
Why is that you ask?
Because I'm done! 
All my bags are packed-although I'm not quite ready to go!
The movers arrive bright and early tomorrow morning to begin the journey of moving all my things out to San Francisco. 
It was a lot of work, but we did it! 
'We' is a very key word. It took the kind and helpful hands of mom & dad to really get me going. 
So, with everything boxed up, taped up, tied up, and yes, stitched up... 
I spent the day doing what I do best...
reading in the sun.
It's my most cherished activity and one I am quite good at, thank you very much.
Stack of magazines and the day's paper? 
Cup of lemon iced water and a cushioned chair? 
It's really all this gal needs for a perfectly perfect day in the sun. 
 I don't get too hot, too sticky or too bored. 
Ask anyone who knows me;
I love it. 
I love the sunlight filtering through the leaves;  shimmering fluorescent green.
The shadows dancing on the lawn. 
The chorus of birds and an oh-so-slight breeze.
 I know it's one of the activities I'm going to miss the most this summer...
No sighing today though! 
My best friend and sorority sister from college is coming over tonight for a glass of wine and a good old fashion best buddy pow-wow. 
It was a GREAT day.
Happy Thursday, Friends

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