Sunday, May 2, 2010

Out on the Water- Round Two: The 550.

Have you ever loved a group of friends so much it makes you want to howl at the moon like Carol and Max in Where the Wild Things Are?
Ooof. I have three wonderful boyfriends. You know, friends that are boys.
They are my bionic buddies.
They build things.
Rewire stuff.
They know how to be...handy.
They bust my chops but, they'll offer me their jacket if I get cold, and almost always refill my cup before I have to ask.
That's friendship folks.
They tell the truth. We don't really get embarrassed ever.
We're close and silly like that.
Well, they might get embarrassed about this post.
Sometimes when I remember that I am actually moving to San Francisco I think, How can I go? I love you so.
It will make the visits home that much sweeter I suppose.
Happy Sunny Sunday Friends.

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