Sunday, May 23, 2010

San Francisco Send Off!

My older sister coordinated a little 'Adios Emily' soiree for me Friday night at the Frying Pan.
It was... a perfect party. 
Friday was 83 degrees with an abundance of sunshine.
I was so overcome with emotion.
So many people came out to toast me adieu and to wish me happy travels.
It was unexpected
and overwhelming
to feel
so very
To have such a wide net of family and friends that support and nurture this move is really touching. 
It makes it hard to say so long, but also easier to leave... because I know who is here waiting for my return! 
It was most special for me, to see so many wonderful people in my life together in one (crowded!) space.

I had friends hailing from Baltimore and Philadelphia make a surprise trip 
Sorority sisters who are very busy gals about town
Best boyfriends from home who much prefer the suburbs
A gentle giant from my college days came at the 11 hour, to pick me up and fling me around 
A bride to be who was racing about the city
a best blonde friend and old colleagues 
and coed childhood playmates, married now much to the surprise of my parents
friends toting cupcakes and California guide books
and a favorite pair of pals that slept in their car that night
my mom and dad and sisters...
It was so lovely and magical and festive,
with some tears sprinkled in between giggles.
So, thank you friends. 
And as a good buddy told me that night... shine on you crazy diamonds.

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