Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Snapshots of the Week

I just got a note from my mom.
She's off for a week with my dad
dipping her toes in saltwater
and painting lovely watercolors
and knitting a sweater for a giggly little girl that we love
I've been the gal of the house while they are away
watering the plants and feeding those darn cats,
preparing myself dinner and peeking around the garden.
I guess I should get used to this living alone stuff.
But seriously, Little Cat, what are you DOING up there?
The two of us (my mom and I, not Little Cat) 
are getting ready for a trip out to my new city
The truth is...
I've got to find a home and fast!
And today, over email,
she surprised me with a lovely gift for my California dreaming.
Oh me, oh my!
These sheets could make doves cry.
Aren't they beautiful?

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