Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I Know...

Deep breath.
Here's the deal, friends. 
This is all happening a little too fast for me to process.
It's becoming a smiiiiidge tricky to maintain composure.
Usually, I like to write it out, tap out my thoughts and feelings on the keyboard. 
This though....
This has been harder than I ever anticipated. 
I didn't have any time to digest the situation really. It's just milestone hopping here folks. And let me tell you- it's tricky to navigate those milestone moguls in such a short window! 

I went straight from a cupcake and champagne send-off from work to the airport to find an apartment in San Francisco. Phew! 
I felt so overwhelmed, so much like I was swimming against the current, that I couldn't even bring myself to the blog. Yikes! 

I cried waaay too many times in public- especially way too many times for a nice 27 year old gal about town such as myself.  
Not socially appropriate folks.  
Not annnny way you slice it. 
My poor mom. 
She had to wipe the tracks of my tears from my salt stained cheeks in 50 minute intervals. 

All of that being said, here is what I know: 
I know that, after a bit of a lonely year, it was time to make a change. 
I know that I was ready to fly the coop, both my office and my home.
I know that I was ready for something big, something bigger than my britches. 
And even though, I may not be feeling very brave right now, I know that I can do this. 

Because my family, and my friends- the truest of the true- will always be here for me, right where I waved goodbye.  And when they aren't waiting, they'll be bashing about the San Francisco Bay with me.  It's a win-win! 
I know that this new job is going to challenge me in ways that I wasn't really being challenged towards the end of the road at my last job. 
I also know that ahem, a little extra coin can't hurt a girl with a passion for world class food and traveling to warm and exotic places.

I know that I will spend time with people that will make me laugh, and take me on explorations.
I know that  some of them will be old friends and some of them brand spanking new.
I know that this might take a little bit of time. 

I know that when a boyfriend of mine from college called me up last night to reassure me of my choice, and tell me that if anyone can do it, I can- it meant a whole heck of a lot. 
Ditto on all the inquires and calls and notes from the dearest of friends who wanted updates on the hunt, and updates on my feelings along the way. 
I know that these will continue, and that makes my heart flutter.
I know that there will be lonely days... but these will be followed by not-so-lonely-at-all days!

I know that,
 I will open up my heart, 
and let the California sun shine in. 

Here's to recognizing that the 'unknown' is the component that makes this the adventure I've been seeking.
Happy Trails, friends.


  1. Phew- I'm just glad you're back and posting because I was BORED since May 8th. I think you are SO brave and I know you are going to be amazing. It will have it's good and bad days just like 50 Grand St. :) But I think the good will outweigh the bad!

  2. i'll probably be the first guest

  3. a pint of ice cream will solve anything

    so let the sunshine in face it with a grin open up your heart and let the sunshine in.

  5. It's going to be funny to come back to this post in 2/3 months and notice the shift in your views/attitude/life.