Monday, May 17, 2010

What a Weekend!

I was able to put an honest dent in my packing up and shipping out efforts this weekend! 
I had enlisted mom & dad, plus a best buddy with a truck.
Happy to report the new couch didn't fly off the back of the truck in transit from the store.
Less happy to report that it got a little love ding while we moved it into the house. 
It's okay though. 
You can make a memory out of a mess after all.  
My dear mom is going to embroider MW & TK- 5.15.10 over the hole. 
So now I'll always remember how that little patch got there.

I hurried over (balloons in tow!) to my best friend's beach house to help her celebrate her birthday.
We drank wine on the beach and watched the sun kiss our knees.
We had a lovely dinner, filled with shared bites and
about her wedding on the horizon
we spoke of 
sherbet colored dresses 
and an elephant that will never forget...

Sunday it was back to hurrying! 
My little sister, 
(let me say that again)
my BABY sister 
graduated from college Sunday morning.
cum laude, no less.
Open up heart,
and listen to that beat?
That's direct older sister's heart thumping with pride. 
Where...did the time go? 

And finally, 
after a perfect day of celebrating and commemorating milestones,
My beloved BLUE HENS played UNC.
We didn't have the Cinderella ending that I had hoped for but...
I was happy for those boys
and yes,
a little nostalgic for college lacrosse games
cattle bells and cold beers
just cut grass and country music 
springtime and unrivaled school spirit
Afternoons without a worry or a care...
Happy Monday, Friends

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