Thursday, June 3, 2010

Forest Wanderings

Yesterday my dad and I took a trip over the Golden Gates of the Pacific Ocean and found ourselves staring up, up, up to the tops of the coastal redwoods in Muir Woods. It was majestic. Those giant beauties shoot straight up into a sky that stretches on forever.

In the winter of 1908 President Theodore Roosevelt used the powers of the Antiquities Act to create Muir Woods National Monument. William Kent  donated the land and requested that it be named for noted conservationist John Muir.
Below is a bit of correspondence Muir exchanged with Kent. I love how he wishes him "Immortal Sequoia life"- very cool.
Feb. 6, 1908

Saving these woods from the axe and saw, from money-changers and water-changers, and giving them to our country and the world is in many ways the most notable service to God and man I've heard of since my forest wanderings began. A much needed lesson and blessing to saint and sinner alike,  and credit and encouragement to God. That so fine divine a thing should have come out of money mad Chicago! Immortal Sequoia life to you.

-John Muir-

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