Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Heart Compass

I changed my igoogle settings from New York to San Francisco.
I know.
I know what you're all thinking; big deal Em. It's a homepage. You changed your weather forecast and movie settings.
But see, the thing is, I'm pretty terrible with change.
I fight it like a fish swimming against the current.
Ooof. Sometimes I think I feel things too much. And yes, that makes change, really difficult for me.
Just like you can't teach an old dog new tricks, you can't teach this girl  just to roll with it.
And I know that mentality has sometimes tripped me up in the past.
I could've been more flexible, not taken winter weekends so seriously.
I could've done without some worrying, and just trusted...trusted the universe's plans.
I couldn't have possibly loved more, but I could've turned my back a little less. Unhunched my shoulders and just taken a few more deep breaths.
And, life may have been easier in the short term but... I don' think it would have gotten me to where I wanted to be.
My head? My heart? They'd still be conflicted.
I didn't always repel change; but that's another story for a different time. And, it has nothing to do with boys, or love lost, or love gained. It just was.
It's 63 degrees with a cloudless sky tomorrow in San Francisco.
And the movies? Same showings nationwide.
As for my head, my heart?
Both are loving fiercely.
thinking bolding.
and guiding me toward wonderful new experiences.
Wishing you happy hearts, friends.

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  1. I love the heart compass, always true, maybe not always easy.