Friday, June 25, 2010

I'll Meet You There...

I've been tracking the Outstanding in the Field gang long before they gained the major momentum they seem to be experiencing now.
I can't remember where it was I first learned about their enchanting meals.
Have you ever seen anything so charming?
To be seated under the stars,
to dine at the foot of the mountain,
to sip wine among the sand dunes and have the leaves of a tree tickle your neck as you eat a beet.
Go ahead, I'll meet you there.
Farm to Table never rang so true.
Wishing you all yummy meals, with good company and a joyous setting.
*all photos found here


  1. love this kind of thing. i want to eat like this all summer.

  2. I see Millstone Farm is sold out for August 25th, wish I knew before.
    It is such an enchanting idea.