Monday, June 28, 2010

Lake Houses on My Mind... among other things

I've got houses by the lake on my mind.
The puttering of boat engines on the water 
The familiar smell of charcoal warming up the grill  
The pop of a top on a beer can
boce tournaments on the lawn and cannonballs into the water
sun kissed skin and freckles on my nose
corn on the cob and ice cream dripping down my chin.
Good music and good company. 
The sights, smells, and sounds of summer.
I miss my New England Summer.
It's not until I think about it that I feel so far away.
I went for a jog
 -yes, you read that right-
and as I came around the curve at the top of the hill of Fort Mason Park,
and saw the 6 o'clock sun shimmering on the water of bay
the seagulls circling
the fishermen bringing in the last catch of the day
and the golden gates framing the mountains behind them,
I was overcome by emotion.
It was absolutely breathtaking and,
I began to cry.
There I stood, in my fleece,
in June.
But, I was so overjoyed to see
and hear
and smell
what my summer feels like.
*images of Thom Filicia's Lake House, source unknown

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