Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pet Penguin Please!

I went to cheer on a friend last night after work. She was running a 5k in Golden Gate Park.
There are a lot of Eucalyptus trees there. It smells divine… and a little like Vick’s Vapor Rub.
After the run, we went out for a beer with her friends and family.
Everyone is so darn nice.
Hey, this meeting new people thing is actually quite fun!
I’m anxious to return the kindness by inviting my new friends over for cocktails but, um.
So, about my coffee table...
It’s a good height for maybe an adult chipmunk?
Or a smallish penguin?
If a kitten sat cross legged on the floor, the table would probably be too low to the ground for it to bring saucer to paw.
It’s far too embarrassing to show off to people.
The same level of embarrassment one feels if say, they are the only person in San Francisco who doesn’t have an iPhone. (I’m feeling very Zach Morris.Very 1993.)
This was a good lesson in, 'Emily, read the dimensions before you purchase a final sale item.' Oopsies.
Coffee table donations welcome.
That or, pet penguin please.

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