Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Uh, so...
Something strange happened to my computer yesterday.
It took a turn for the terrible
and decided to forget everything.
No memory.
No recollections of our time together.
And we were just getting to know each other too.
Last night I decided to keep turning it on and off and then fanatically punched random buttons as if I was playing the piano to save my life.
Speed and frenzy resulting in bonus points of course.
I wish I could say those fine folks over at Dell knew what they were talking about but,
they sure didn't.
I'm preeeetty confident that the guy on the phone was just having me push a bunch of buttons.
Doesn't he know I already did that last night?
Our conversation took a turn for the rocky when I asked the gentleman on the phone if he was even clear on what the heck he was doing.
(I mean, why would I keep quitting a diagnostics test right in the middle?)
He didn't respond.
And I felt badly but, when he asked me if I was satisfied with our 45+ minute phone call,
I had to tell him, "I'm sorry, but no. And I know this conversation is being recorded, and I hope you don't get into any trouble but no, I am not satisfied with any part of our conversation. Not even a little bit of it."
Happy Moody Tuesday.

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