Monday, July 12, 2010

Seven Places I'd Like to be Right Now

Tomorrow, I'd like to dine at the following very special places.
Friends and family at the table.
Wine glass in hand.
Sun tan on my shoulders.
Worries sent to sea.
juice bar, nantucket island
any 'lobsta' shack near wiscasset maine, with buoys hanging from the shingled walls.
my aunt and uncle live in maine; their house is called windward farm. and that's just too cute, isn't it?
klondike kates, newark, delaware
*whoever swiped my brass name plaque off the Wall of Foam, I hope you have a shrine for me built somewhere. that is the only explanation for such theft.
atlantic inn, block island, rhode island
celebrated my sweet sixteen here, among other magical summer occasions.
whitebrier, avalon, new jersey
my girlfriends and I will be here sooner than the staff is ready for!
straight wharf, nantucket island
I fell a little bit in love here once; and ...I will again someday.
scoops, wilton, ct
orange blossom on Sunday, please.
this will become scoops: owned by three sisters one day.

Happy Summer Dining, Friends.
*all photos from establishment websites

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  1. i don't know why, but this almost made me cry