Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Dinner Among Friends

I've done something kind of casual and grown-up.
I've organized a little birthday dinner on Saturday night
with all of my new friends!
I'm not terribly fond of birthdays.
I like to celebrate them and all of that.
Because, really; who doesn't like an occasion that calls for balloons and bubbly?
But, I always feel a little funny having anyone make a fuss over it.
So, I went ahead and planned a little dinner to introduce new friends to old friends and all of that smug, mature, grown-up stuff.


  1. are you making place cards?
    do you have conversation ideas?
    you better say, " oh old so and so". because that is really what smug married people say

  2. Hmm. I told people that party hats were optional. It's at a restuarant, so I didn't consider making placecards. Not a bad idea though. I should say something like, "Oh Bob, you may know Sally from the golf club. We should arrange a card game over cocktails."

  3. do you actually know any bob and sally's?