Monday, August 9, 2010


This past Friday night, some friends and I sampled gourmet street food at Fort Mason.
The epicurean extravaganza is part of San Francisco’s Cart Project.
Saturday I enlisted in a self-conducted walking tour to the highest peaks of the city
 and then through the Presidio.
Some of the homes I saw were so beautiful, I had to pinch myself and take a pulse check.
In the late afternoon, I met a new friend for coffee and conversation, and the sun peeked through the fog for the first time in a handful of days.
Later that evening, I treated myself to Chinese food and a movie.
My fortune read: Tomorrow is a great day to try something new.
And try I did!
A girlfriend and I traversed the Golden Gates, and my… what a view.
There is something about the emerald green of the bay, the clay red of the bridge, and the hills that fool you into thinking you’re in the Italian country-side.
I think my mom put everything into words perfectly when she wrote,
‘Emily, you live in Oz.’
It’s true!
There is no place like home but boy, I sure feel lucky where I’ve landed.
Happy Monday friends.

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