Wednesday, September 29, 2010

There's No Place Like Home...

At the end of this week, I'll be making my way back east
for a good chunk of October.
There is work to be done.
Events to be executed.
Clients to corral.
(And two very special birthdays to celebrate, I must add.)
In July, I remember saying:
Oh, but October seems so far away.
And here it is.
Just like that.
I'm heading back.
I came home late tonight
after a long day of work obligations
and I was greeted by an unexpected letter from my best friend.
She enclosed an old essay I wrote in high school
 about one of the best nights of our life.
I'm ashamed to say, I nearly forgot all about that special night,
when something as seemingly insignificant as
a favorite song, a smile from a boy, or a pat on the leg,
made the whole earth move.
Reading the story made it seem like age seventeen
 was about a million years ago.
Life, it seems,
was so very simple back then.  
Here's to home, the sweet memories it brings,
and the making of new...


Monday, September 27, 2010

This. Is. Amazing.

I'm going on record as saying how happy this
"heritage fashion revival" is making me feel.
I'm not kidding around here, folks.
There is renewed hope in my heart
and a skip in my step!
Dear Men of America,
Throw on a wool fisherman sweater,
grow a beard,
and come talk to me.
(Full article found in the new Off-Duty section of WSJ
And great recaps here and here.

Happenstance, Cashmere, Apples and Fall Things

We had a beautiful weekend in Northern California.
80 degrees, steady breeze, and not a cloud in the sky.
Friends and I stumbled upon an undiscovered beach.
We couldn't believe our luck.
We were tickled by our serendipitous discovery. 
There is nothing like a late September day at the beach.
Meanwhile, all the way up, and a big jump over,
my family attended the Common Ground Fair in Maine.
There were silky and soft.
They make cashmere; can you believe that?
It's a goat fit for a King!
And apples...
Rows and rows of rosy plump apples.
All those varieties hail from the great state of Maine.
(I'm daydreaming of warm cider and a cashmere sweater!)
So while it is summer here on the west... looks like fall has reached it's bounty back east.
I love the potential of a pumpkin, don't you?
Here's to mums and gourds and the smell of hay,
to happenstance and lazy afternoons spent in the sun and the sand,
with a sweater by your side and friends sharing your blanket.
Happy Monday!
*all images are my own & my moms

Friday, September 24, 2010

California Dreaming

 I think this mini-road trip is such a cool tale.
It's just another reminder of the true luster that California evokes.
A nod to the days of 'go west' -where fortune awaits.
I'd like to airstream about, and gather up jingle jangles
from the different places I've seen...
...surely, there are treasures to be found.
Wherever the weekend takes you,
I hope you go with a kind heart and an open mind.
Happy Friday, friends.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pink Moon On The Rise

There's a pink moon in the night sky back east.
A beautiful, peach fuzzy pink I imagine.
I wonder, will you look the same here on west, moon?
Those things,
those mysteries of nature,
they are hard to crack.
It's been a hectic day, but it's all starting to melt into the horizon.
Pink Moon, I hope you glow through my windows
and give me peach flavored dreams.
Thinking of you...
and wondering;
are you thinking of me too?

Dear Thursday, You Stink.

It's one of those days.
I feel like I'm in the airport scene of Meet the Parents,
when Ben Stiller screams, 'Bomb Bomb Bomb. Bomb Bombadier' at the flight attendant.
So let's start with a positive thought and then go from there.
Companies I am loving and appreciating right now:
Zipcar and Orbitz.
You two are like honey in my heart and little cartoon bluebirds fluttering on my shoulder.
Companies I am not loving at all right now, or probably ever:
Chase and New York Sports Club.
(Nice try, Chase. You will never be bumped from this list of loathing, seething rage.)
Ordinarily, I am a firm believer in the phrase, ‘You get more with honey than with vinegar,’ but NYSC, you earned your spot on the loathe list this morning.
(Regretfully, I now have a conversation recorded- property of NYSC- that could make Ari Gold blush. )
Lastly, could someone, PUH-LEASE tell me
why it’s so hard to calculate the price breakdown of plane tickets for an expense report?
Why. Why. Why.
And why does San Francisco only offer solar powered calculators?
This isn’t making my calculating a-n-y easier.
Here’s to a grander afternoon.
And to end on a positive thought:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Blessing

Wishing you all,
a very happy
 first day of
there is something almost regal about you.
Regal yet, so very unintimidating.
You're as comfortable as cashmere,
 as welcoming as chicken soup.
I've been on the receiving end of such happy news as of late,
dear friends, sharing tales of expanding families
and new opportunities.
I hope fall bestows continued blessings on us all.
Happy tweed-wearing and bonfire making, friends.
both images via here

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well, Thank Goodness for Ohio...

I was worried I might forget for a second.  
But thankfully, the state of Ohio secured the third week in September as
"National Singles Week," back in the eighties.
And good news!  It's still going strong!
Gee... thanks, Buckeyes.
I was looking for that official 'stamp of singlehood' to really drive the reminder home.
Because, even though Beyonce thinks us single gals dance around in leotards
with a fan seductively blowing on us... we don't.
New York Magazine captured the whole week perfectly here,
accompanied by a lonely Jennifer Aniston photo.
Bottom's up Singles!

Chair Love Affair

I love this chair.
So glamorous and chic
and I love the bubblegum pink.
I spotted this beauty over on Oh Joy.
 It reminds me of Charley's apartment
in Tom Ford's A Single Man.
It would look quite nice partnered with my desk.
Desk, meet chair. Chair, this is desk.


Monday, September 20, 2010

The Supermodel Game

Yesterday, amid an afternoon full of football, fried food
and way too much dude stuff,
some girlfriends and I decided to play a little game called,
If You Could Look Like Anyone In The World, Who Would It Be.
Really 'unshallow' and great for the self-esteem- I know.
The criteria for selection was someone who oozed sex-appeal.
I chose Stephanie Seymour.
I think she's so beautiful and sexy.
And, she was engaged to Axel Rose in his prime glory, for goodness sakes.
Other contenders were Christie Turlington, Penelope Cruz, and Marisa Miller...
and of course the usual suspects: Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli.
You know, just your ordinary, normal looking gals.
Who would you pick?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Curtain Conundrum

I like both of these living rooms and here's why:
The curtains.
(Plus, I have that acrylic coffee table,
and whenever I spy something I have in a room decor shot,
I feel proud and smug.)
So back to the curtains.
They really pull a room together and make it feel cozy and loved.
My mom made me beautiful, handmade curtains
with fabric we picked out together for my move out west.
They really jazz up my little bachelorette pad.
But, I've quickly discovered that the problem with living in a bachelorette pad is...
being an actual bachelorette and trying to mount curtain rods alone.
It's tricky.
And yes,  blah, blah women and empowerment and being independent.
This project requires a boy that knows about things
that happen during Home Depot seminars.
both images via Lonny

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I took quite a tumble at the grocery store last night.
And by tumble, I mean huge fall: splat.
Someone spilled some raspberry jelly
and it sent me flying and then down on all fours!
domino via
The silliest part?
They 'comped' my peppered turkey
from the deli counter as a consolation.
I don't know, but that just struck me as really funny.
How about free raspberry jam for life?
Or er, a new pair of jeans?

Friday, September 10, 2010


Here's to a weekend filled
with beauty and magic,
shock and awe.
The west awaits you friends.
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A List for Fall...

Oh hey, Fall.
Didn't see you sneak up so quickly, friend.
If I could write you a sonnet, an ode and a poem...
I would.
And I will.
But for now, here's a list of things I just adore you for,
my sweet Autumn.
Here's to corduroys and quilted barn jackets
spiked cider and carving pumpkins
hayrides and apple picking.
roast chicken and getting myself back into the kitchen
to bake cobblers and vegetable stews.
college football and tailgates, big ol' pile of leaves.
red wine and bonfires and remembering each first day of school.
s'mores and canoe oars
dreamy sunlight
that holds a gaze.
I tip my hat to you, Fall.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Honey and Sweet Wishes To You

Honey dips
Challah wishes!
Sweet Sentiments
to All...

A Tree That Lived in Wilton

Today, my family says goodbye to our beautiful maple tree.
 It is very hard to think about home,
and not see the tree standing faithfully next to it.
My mom outlined it poignantly, below.
We have lived here for 25 years and shared our property with a beautiful old sugar maple with the grand age of 125-150 years. She has framed our house and in many ways defined the house and the property. Like many very old friends; our tree is not doing so well. The sad fact is the upper structure is healthy but it's being supported by a massive trunk which is 75% hollow and decayed. As one arborist put it, "You've got tons of weight being supported by toothpicks". All the weight hangs over our 220 year old house. So, today is the day she is coming down piece by piece with a crane that will go over the house....
This gives me such heavy boots; and I feel so very far from home today.
This was a tree that sheltered our pets from storms,
held pinatas during birthday parties,
 offered shade during wiffle ball games,
and provided us with endless, timeless beauty.
We all feel like we're loosing a part of the family, a wise old part of the history of our house.
It's breaking our hearts to see her go
and we hope she knows it's with regret.
We are saving leaves, and of course
parts of  the trunk and limbs.
We will be warmed in the winter.
Thank you, dear tree.
You were,
 very perfect to us.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And Then the Sun Came Out...

A lot of wonderful things happened this weekend.
The sun came out in a blaze of glory; causing everyone in Northern California
to look approximately 10% more attractive and healthy.
I spent time with friends I hadn’t seen in a long time.
We shared a lot of laughs and caught up over a lot of wine.
I experienced a strange sensation of feeling so very relived my life didn’t go one way, but simultaneously shocked it went the way of someone else.
A pang in the chest and then it was gone.
I visited a home that could’ve been a tree house-so magical and quiet.
Living there would be like you were camping every day.
I sipped on cocktails in another home that made me wish to win the lottery.
Coral table lamps and turquoise bamboo chairs.
I picnicked in a park,
I sat in the sand,
I partied in a house,
and I met many new friends while doing so.
Oh, and I discovered a new artichoke and feta dip; quite tasty!
I hope you all had as lovely a weekend as I did.
Happy September, friends.

Monday, September 6, 2010

And Cake We Ate!

This past Friday night
Jordan Ferney and her husband Paul
collaborated on an exhibit featuring all things cake.
It was quite lovely indeed.
Jordan was sweet enough to allow me to take a couple of photos.
These darling little oil paintings, created by Paul, 
were paired with the most enchanting vignettes; penned by Jordan.
And yes.
There was cake.
Lovely, fluffy, beautiful cake.
And little children running around in ballet slippers,
and warm wind that danced through the windows and into the studio.
Miniature cakes topped with confetti and candles!
It was, a very splendid evening.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let The Games Begin!

Djokovic, Blake, Nadal...
I do love you all.
But my heart belongs to one, and one only.
Knock em' dead Feds!