Thursday, September 16, 2010

Curtain Conundrum

I like both of these living rooms and here's why:
The curtains.
(Plus, I have that acrylic coffee table,
and whenever I spy something I have in a room decor shot,
I feel proud and smug.)
So back to the curtains.
They really pull a room together and make it feel cozy and loved.
My mom made me beautiful, handmade curtains
with fabric we picked out together for my move out west.
They really jazz up my little bachelorette pad.
But, I've quickly discovered that the problem with living in a bachelorette pad is...
being an actual bachelorette and trying to mount curtain rods alone.
It's tricky.
And yes,  blah, blah women and empowerment and being independent.
This project requires a boy that knows about things
that happen during Home Depot seminars.
both images via Lonny


  1. how convenient that i am coming this weekend...

  2. Good. Had an "anonymous" guest shown up at my apartment this weekend, I would've been a little nervous!

  3. I love the first room. I'm always a fan of little hints of yellow and a chevron stripe.