Monday, September 27, 2010

Happenstance, Cashmere, Apples and Fall Things

We had a beautiful weekend in Northern California.
80 degrees, steady breeze, and not a cloud in the sky.
Friends and I stumbled upon an undiscovered beach.
We couldn't believe our luck.
We were tickled by our serendipitous discovery. 
There is nothing like a late September day at the beach.
Meanwhile, all the way up, and a big jump over,
my family attended the Common Ground Fair in Maine.
There were silky and soft.
They make cashmere; can you believe that?
It's a goat fit for a King!
And apples...
Rows and rows of rosy plump apples.
All those varieties hail from the great state of Maine.
(I'm daydreaming of warm cider and a cashmere sweater!)
So while it is summer here on the west... looks like fall has reached it's bounty back east.
I love the potential of a pumpkin, don't you?
Here's to mums and gourds and the smell of hay,
to happenstance and lazy afternoons spent in the sun and the sand,
with a sweater by your side and friends sharing your blanket.
Happy Monday!
*all images are my own & my moms

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