Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New York State of Mind

It’s been a long week and a half.
My return trip to New York has been a whirlwind of absolute chaos and pandemonium.

The frantic, frenzied energy in my New York office is palpable. It’s thick and syrupy and then it bubbles up and explodes- these past few days I’ve felt like I was trying to keep the lid on top of a pot of popcorn as the kernels try desperately to escape the heat.
Um. I made a’ plenty of mistakes this trip.
Ultimately, the clients were happy, but I had trouble shaking the craziness I endured to get to the end result. Sometimes I’m hard on myself. I know this, and I’m trying to learn.
Sometimes though, sloppy work is just that: sloppy work.
New York is such a dichotomy.
Coming back is coming home. I love the smells and the sounds and I love that everyone has a purpose. Everyone is going somewhere to get someplace. It’s fast and it’s frantic and it’s all about clawing your way to the next big thing- and I love it for those reasons, and I miss it for those reasons even more.

I think this trip stripped me of 5 years from my life and added 5 lbs to my frame- not an even trade, folks.
It could’ve been the back-to-back-to-back high level events, or executing these under the critical eye of unfamiliar clients. It could’ve been the lack of sleep and the impossibly impossible deadlines
(that are still looming by the way.)
It could've been the 'never enough time' with my family,
or the 'never enough time' to see all the friends I'd like to hug.
And now I worry.
Did I leave New York and lose the New Yorker in me?
Will it feel this hectic every time I come back to the (Big) Apple of my eye?
I hope no, and I don't think so.
Wednesday was my last day in the city; I feel equal parts relieved and melancholic.
Mostly though,
I feel ready to return to my new home.
Sweetest dreams, friends.


  1. LOVE that you LOVE your new home. Im pretty sure it LOVE's you just as much Emily! YOU are the ultimate happiness giver of the world afterallll !!!

  2. COME back to NYC!!! You'll grow soft and easily scared if you move away.
    NYC is the city of all cities.
    Everywhere else is just a second choice for people who can't hack it.

    {Plus, LC misses you}