Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Apartment Project

I've been a little antsy for a good DIY project for my apartment.
I was considering painting a chevron pattern on my living room wall,
but I got a little 'online shopping happy'
and I think there are enough patterns and textures in that room for now.
There are far craftier members of my family- actually, everyone in the extended family too,
but I came across a project I think I can tackle.
Save for my fear of measuring... I should  be able to pull this off.
These entryways have been 'temporarily' wallpapered
using Japanese masking tape.
I found the above inspirations, and learned all about it here.
How fun is that?
I think I could definitely do this in my entrance hallway,
without being too intimidated or flustered.
I'm thinking chocolate brown tape against my light beige walls.


  1. i want to do that too....maybe in my bathroom?

  2. do you need to hang anymore curtains

  3. OOH yes Meg, that would look cute. You're running out of wall surface space!
    I am thinking bathroom or hallway now too.

    Greg- you can come help me with this faux wallpaper gig.

  4. This was really nice, I also wanted to do this in my bathroom or in my entrance hallway, I think that it really look cool.

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