Friday, November 5, 2010

Marathon Sunday

The New York City Marathon is my absolute
hands down, favorite day to be a New Yorker.
I love the energy from the crowd-
the collective euphoria and excitement that everyone is recycling through the city.
Beyond a spectacle, it’s really more of a New York holiday.
The city is at its most magical;
with a steady pulse of encouragement that can be heard in every borough.
I have a lot of wonderful Marathon Sundays under my belt-
strictly speaking as a spectator, of course.
I remember last year in particular, beers in hand at a bar located on a prominent part of the runner’s route- right where the marathoners round an uphill bend.
I told my friends I was considering a big move,
that I was ready for a change of pace.
This conversation occurring before applying to graduate school,
and long before applying for new jobs out west.
I never put it together, but thinking back now, how symbolic really,
to have had this conversation unravel at a pivotal moment in the actual race course,
with thousands of people running by- all depending on,
well, a personal pace.
I’m wishing my dearest friends a sunny and crisp day of marathon watching, cheering,
and for one of you, running.
I'll be in a New York State of mind all Sunday long…

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  1. It certainly is a most spectacular day. I remember that last year...what an interesting coincidence.