Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pilgrim Party!

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week.
It's one of my top three favorite holidays.
How can a holiday centered on good food and good company not be on the Top Three list?
I am heading back east for Thanksgiving, which only feels right.
After all, the pilgrims didn't land on a dock by the bay for goodness sakes!
I'm surprised how quickly fall has come... and how quickly it seems to be going,
but I'm anxious to get home.
I've got an injured mom who could use a little extra love and attention,
and a best friend I need to hug desperately.
Not to mention,
I'm making the hats pictured above for a few friends,
as we say a toast to Plymouth Rock on Thanksgiving Eve.
 More on all things related to turkey in the coming days!

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