Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sidekicks by the Sea...

Today I feel like I am counting my pennies.
My mind is racing in a million different directions too.
Naturally, I allowed adult attention disorder to take the reins,
and I decided to look at beautiful things to take my mind off my empty wallet. 
Isn't this photo lovely and beautiful?
I spotted it here.
Oh, to be on blanket with the sea as my backdrop.
Bottle of wine, and two buddies by my side.
When I googled the movie this photo is from
I discovered it's about two college friends travelling through Europe one summer-
both falling in love with the same woman. Juicy!
Every bit of this, the image and the premise of the movie made me smile.


  1. Love that photo - now I might have to go rent the movie!

  2. Yeah of course the photo is really good and I think the time sparing with friends is just great time you had.

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