Monday, January 10, 2011

Serendipitous Saturday

Feast your eyes on this beauty, dear readers!
I found this table at one of my favorite home decor stores in my neighborhood.
It's kind of tucked away in between a v-e-r-y questionable
Chinese food restaurantand a dry cleaners.
 It was such a serendipitous stop-in for me.
I was waiting for the bus and just popped in to take a peek at the luxurious: and voila!
A peek of red on the tag caught my eagle eye
and sent my neck whip lashing back towards it: sale, sale, sale!
One tiny, unnoticeable crevice at the edge of the table divided the price by half.
All my sweet little trinkets have been waiting for new 'surface area real estate.'
Bachelorette Pad: Almost Complete!


  1. Thanks, Lindsay! It's being delivered by the sweet shop owner tomorrow- on foot! He's just walking it over from across the street. Too funny.

  2. remember what big sister need flowers and beautiful coffee tables books. always, always...