Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Waters

I'm back from a long weekend spent with friends in Tahoe.
After somewhat of a tough week, it was nice to have a weekend retreat.
Did you know Tahoe means 'Big Water?'
Lake Tahoe is glittery and shimmery
and will absolutely take your breath away.
 I was able to wear a lot of this:
which is always good in my opinion.

I let the sun kiss my face and my feet get fancy on the dance floor.
And when we weren't snow bunnying or sun catching,
we cozied up in front of the fire to play card games.
Why have I not been to Tahoe before?
And why didn't my parents raise us sisters to be skiers?
It's just like the beach, but with snow!
Everyone seemed so happy-go- lucky and relaxed.
Tahoe, will you be my Valentine?

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