Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moss in Stripes, and a Thank You

Oh goodness me.
I'm feeling a little flushed!
I am so grateful for everyone's love letters today.
I didn't intend to make anyone feel blue about my being in a pickle.
I do, however, appreciate the support and encouragement that came my way because of it.
Might I add; I didn't know some of you were reading
Big Moon Sky everyday.
Instant mood booster!
In fact, I'm feeling less blue and more rosy already.
I know this photo of Miss Moss in her sailor stripes isn't new, but boy, do I love it so.
She is the epitome of chic.
This get-up makes me smile because
 I pretty much wear this outfit every other day 
(save for the red Channel: if I could, I would, people)
 and, it proves that sequins don't always mean sexy.
See? Just the simplest things can turn a frown upside down.
Sweet dreams, friends.

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