Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Singin' in the Rain....

Oh San Francisco, my fickle-weathered friend.
How, oh how, do you  suggest I prepare my weekend guests for your mood swings?
One minute, it's raining sideways
 and literally two minutes later
the sun comes out and causes shadows to dance on the sidewalk.
I feel like I live in an urban rain forest for goodness sakes.
Never cold, often windy, sometimes rainy, mostly sunny.
I'm stumped!
And mind you, these are not just any old  hokey pokey weekend guests.
It's my mom and dad!
My heart is doing cartwheels and somersaults, people!
I feel like singing in the rain and then allowing the sun to cut in for a quick serenade.
 I am as excited as a bird with a french fry!
I feel like swiveling my hips a la' Elvis and shouting all the way up to the sky:
Finally, my folks will see my sweet little home
and all my local haunts.
Then, we'll head out on an adventure
 to a landwhere legends live
and the waves are so high they kiss the clouds.
We're journeying to Big Sur.
Big, bad, beautiful, Sur.
Till we talk again...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Super Moon

Did you see the Super Moon on Saturday night?
It was a grey and rainy night here in San Francisco,
so I was only able to see glimpses on the evening news.
Last night, the moon appeared 14% larger than it usual-
the biggest it's looked since 1993.
So one could say it truly was a
Big Moon Sky.
Speaking of,
a few months ago I was listening to my ipod
and The Swell Season's 'Feeling the Pull' came on.
 I realized that from those lyrics, my blog earned it's name.
I didn't even name it consciously, but thinking back, I had started writing Big Moon Sky
a week or so after I went to the Swell Season concert with my family.
If you're not familiar with the song- it's worth a listen.
And, if you didn't have a chance to see the Super Moon,
the photos circulating are worth a look.
Sweet dreams, friends.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Warriors of The West

I've been infrequent with my story-telling as of late,
and I'm sorry for that. 
Work has picked up speed and my weekends
have me road tripping and cabin hopping
so that I can fill my days off with outdoor adventure.
I've got a tale or two I'd like to share,
about dashing up muddy hills and slogging through puddles.
Slow and steady jogging through the sand at night,
the glow of the Golden Gates just barely leading the way.
Pull-ups and crab walks under a pink moon.
It's all true, friends.
image is my own
I've started a class that has changed my tune.
It gives me purpose and fills me with passion and a fiery spirit.
It's renewed a sense of self-assurance
that somewhere in those winter months,
I lost a little bit.
It is so invigorating.
I feel like the Queen to Davy Crockett's King of the Wild Frontier
I'm ready to sail the seas with Moby Dick
Bust up some boulders with Paul Bunyan
Heck, I could fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee!
After last night's class I declared my girlfriends and I 'Warriors of the West.'
Until next time friends,
happy mud-slinging and puddle jumping!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Modern Day Thoreau

I find the whole concept of The Field Lab so darn dreamy.
I am especially charmed by Benita. Read the article, and you'll see. 
Believe me, I know there's a whole lot more to living
in a solar-powered shack in the desert
than star gazing and cattle counting.
This is h-a-r-d living.
It's no picnic among the tumble weeds and sage.
But I imagine the rewards of eating the bread you baked,
drinking the beer your brewed,
and letting your hair catch the water from the shower you take,
-all heated and created from the rays of the sun-
must feel extraordinary.
Very cool.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pardon the Pause....

Oooof. My apologies, friends.
I've been so busy this past week.
Happy to report: all's well at the OK Corral!
I've been hiking the headlands and exploring farm country.
Pitching new business, and resurrecting older projects.

I've been scheduling phone dates like mad to catch up with old friends.
And all the while, I failed to check in with all of you.
So, hello, friends. How are you?
I promise; I'll be back soon!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Like a Lion...

Oh, hello March.
Good to see you again.
I quite like the promises of spring that you bring.
In like a lion, but out like a lamb-
such sweet sentiments attached to later half of your 31 days. 
Almost all of January and February felt lion-like.
And not in a strong, proud, King of the Jungle type way, unfortunately.
I felt like I was having trouble taming my agitations and reining in my emotions.
It all felt very 'lion in the circus.'
image is my own
But all that's blown out to sea.
Tonight, I am heading to a group work-out session
underneath the dome at the Palace of Fine Arts.
Pretty swanky, huh?
I've been tracking my dollars, and I just started journaling my diet;
it's spring cleaning for the mind and body!
Spring is just around the bend, friends.