Thursday, March 10, 2011

Modern Day Thoreau

I find the whole concept of The Field Lab so darn dreamy.
I am especially charmed by Benita. Read the article, and you'll see. 
Believe me, I know there's a whole lot more to living
in a solar-powered shack in the desert
than star gazing and cattle counting.
This is h-a-r-d living.
It's no picnic among the tumble weeds and sage.
But I imagine the rewards of eating the bread you baked,
drinking the beer your brewed,
and letting your hair catch the water from the shower you take,
-all heated and created from the rays of the sun-
must feel extraordinary.
Very cool.

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  1. Em, Now I'm on to you! I love your writing voice. it's so intimate and real. Great job! maybe we could do a little blog workshop some day together. There's lots you could teach me!
    as for the cats...c'mon, lighten up...what d'ya think Mrs. Meyers is for???
    love you and miss you
    aunt sue