Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Warriors of The West

I've been infrequent with my story-telling as of late,
and I'm sorry for that. 
Work has picked up speed and my weekends
have me road tripping and cabin hopping
so that I can fill my days off with outdoor adventure.
I've got a tale or two I'd like to share,
about dashing up muddy hills and slogging through puddles.
Slow and steady jogging through the sand at night,
the glow of the Golden Gates just barely leading the way.
Pull-ups and crab walks under a pink moon.
It's all true, friends.
image is my own
I've started a class that has changed my tune.
It gives me purpose and fills me with passion and a fiery spirit.
It's renewed a sense of self-assurance
that somewhere in those winter months,
I lost a little bit.
It is so invigorating.
I feel like the Queen to Davy Crockett's King of the Wild Frontier
I'm ready to sail the seas with Moby Dick
Bust up some boulders with Paul Bunyan
Heck, I could fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee!
After last night's class I declared my girlfriends and I 'Warriors of the West.'
Until next time friends,
happy mud-slinging and puddle jumping!


  1. OH I love that photo of you. You are strong, you are woman!

  2. em, awesome pic, very cool! i hope you gave your mother a copy:)