Friday, April 8, 2011

Clear Eyes...One Week!

As a family, we're on the edge of our seats counting down
until the season five premiere of Friday Night Lights.
Simultaneously though, we're all feeling
a little heavy hearted that it's the last and final season.
This is kind of a strange sentiment, but 
this tv show has been very special to my family,
and not just because we were fans before it became trendy
 to be the 'little engine that could' fanbase.
Did you know my imaginary pet dog's middle name is Riggins?
And, I'm preeetty sure my dad cried when Lyla and Tim broke up the first time too.
And oh yeah, he's got the authentic NBC store Panther's t-shirts.
'Clear eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose' has become a regular email sign-off
for all of us. Sigh.
Season Finale kicks off  Friday, April 15th.
Happy viewing, friends.

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