Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Confidently, Yes.

The past 36 hours stirred up a lot of memories
and caused a whole jumble of emotions to bubble up, settle and then bubble up again.
 It doesn’t matter how much time has gone by,
or how much has been accomplished,
or how content and gratified you feel;
sometimes you just need to let your heart doing some serious feeling.
I’ve gone from a reflective state of nostalgia,
to fighting the urge to fling any and all objects
within reach across the room.
Now I’m kind of just chilling again in thoughtful exhaustion.
Isn’t it strangely comical, the stages we go through to try and make sense of love?
It’s the simplest, purest feeling- but it comes with a whole lot of complexities.
When reflecting on a failed relationship, it’s instinctual to chalk it up to, ‘pssh- he/she is incapable of loving.’ That’s an easy diagnosis.
It’s harder to process the idea that maybe,
the two of you just didn’t love each other
as fully as you had hoped, or wanted.
That’s a trickier nut to crack.
But… there is one query I can answer without waver or waffle.
If the question is: Are you happy, and do you have complete peace in your heart?
The answer, my sweet friends, is: Yes.
Confidently, yes.

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