Thursday, April 7, 2011

Self Hug

The past two days haven't been great.
 All I really wanted was for someone to give me a hug.
Which believe me, feels as sad as it looks when I type it.
But I guess it's true about the human touch. 
In fact, the middle of this week was so darn gloomy that
I didn't so much care to right the wrongs,
as I was just craving a hug.
I wanted someone to embrace me so that I could feel a little nurtured.
A little comforted.
The one thing that reinvigorated me as I trudged out of work today,
 was one of my workout classes.
I didn't want to go, but after gentle coaxing from a friend back east,
I reserved my spot and went.
It was hard, but it felt really good to sweat out all the bad feelings from the past couple days.
And as I pulled my knees to my chest for a final stretch at the completion of class, 
 I realized, I was being nurtured.
In the most literal sense, I ended up hugging myself.


  1. Sometimes a self hug is the most powerful thing you can do. Affirm your being and believe in yourself. I am better at giving advice than taking my own advice in. Could have used a self hug myself.

  2. Yes! Today will be a better day. I will it to be.