Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Big Moon Sky's Grand Adventure

Bucket List item:
sleep under the night sky
at the bottom of a dark and quiet canyon. Check.
Tomorrow, it's Grand Canyon or Bust!
I anticipate a smattering of shooting stars,
and a Big Dipper so bright,
it will seem as if it's scooping into the actual Canyon,
taking a midnight dip in the Colorado River.
It's hard to conceptualize a space so vast.
It seems magical; mythical even.
I keep imagining desert wolves and mountain lions
dancing around a campfire at the bottom of the Canyon at night.
Tee hee.
I remember a phone message my parent's left me a few years ago.
They awoke to watch the sun rise over the South Rim, cups of coffee in hand.
They said it was one of the single,
most beautiful mornings of their life.
Can you even imagine?
Happy Trails, friends.

* all images via Adam Schallau

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