Monday, May 9, 2011

Well, Humph.

So, earlier tonight I come home from working out,
and I start to get some things organized for my upcoming
Grand Canyon hike, including a big load of laundry.
Let me back this story up a few days.
Last week, I had put a tiny post-it note on the open mail slots
in the lobby of my building.
"Please don't remove mail from #310."
I wrote this note because I have missed some mail lately that I was expecting.
 I figured the super might have cleaned out
my mail slot since the catalogues were starting to overflow on my end
or, I thought perhaps a new tenant moved in and
got confused with which mail slot was which,
 and figured my mail was a previous tenant's mail in their slot.
Confession: I made this mistake my first week living in the building,
so I was just trying to leave a friendly little 'heads up' note.
So, back to tonight.
As I was walking back to my apartment from the laundry room,
a girl walked toward me from my end of the hallway.
As we passed each other she averted her eyes without saying hello.
When I get to my apartment, I see that she has posted my original note onto my door,
with a veeeeery salty response.
Apparently, apartment # 303 took my little note a whole lot personally.
I must say, her post-it placement was rather ill-timed considering that,
uh, I saw her leave it on my door.
I feel like I just got bullied!
What the heck??
Part of me wants to egg her door, part feels like she could really use
some homemade cookies and a hug,
and another part of me just says, "Well, humph."
Here's to more pleasant exchanges tomorrow, friends!

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