Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer...

Hello, Friends.
Happy lazy days of summer.
It's been a while, since we swapped stories, hasn't it?
July is full of magic and promise, wouldn't you agree?
Friends and I had a star spangled July 4th- in every sense of the phrase.
We let the sun kiss our faces and inhaled that crisp mountain air.
Bared it all and jumped into the icy waters of Lake Tahoe,
and slept under the stars...
Friends back east are firefly catching and corn cob eating,
I am sure of that.
My mom and sisters are exploring the garden and
eating tomatoes and basil picked from the yard.
It is summer... everywhere.
I wish I could bottle up the season from both coasts,
and take a deep breath each morning when it gets cold and foggy.
A reminder of carefree days.
Happy Summer, my friends.

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