Sunday, August 28, 2011

Golden Birthday

On the eve of my golden birthday,
simple are my wishes three:
More days ending with skin peppered by freckles
 and salt from the sea.
And campfire nights,
spent watching a big ol' moon, 
rising above a redwood tree.
To continue to find joy
in the simplest of pleasures.
It's a wink or a giggle,
the smallest of gestures that I treasure.
Here's to twenty-nine
being filled with more whimsy and wonder!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Quote. For Tuesday.

"Don’t listen to anyone.
Trust what gives you pleasure.
Trust the emotions.
 If you love something but can’t explain why, that’s enough."
~ Calice Becker ~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Comfort of Carrots & Zuc

Because I'd had a long,
somewhat tedious day of work,
and because the marine layer rolled in after work,
cloaking the city in a cold, damp fog,
and comfort food consisting of anything cheese dipped or fried 
sounded far too heavy and unappetizing.
Because of all these things,
I decided to make myself a dinner of
buttered carrots and zucchini,
with a side of peppered brussel sprouts.
There is nothing more simple and  delicious,
as farm fresh produce,
buttered and salted in pan on the stove.
Rethink your comfort food friends!
This was oh so pleasing after a tiresome day by the bay.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Empire State of Mind

I realize now that my love for New York is truer than the ocean is blue.
Being back on east coast soil this past week has been the tops. 
It's difficult to articulate
just how perfect everything has been.
And I know it's not for lack of trying by my family and by my friends.
I love that on any given night, you can walk out of work and into a Broadway show.  
I love that a friend is always free for dinner, and an evening stroll.
I love commuting with my dad,
meeting my sister on the sidewalk.
I...I forgot how much I loved walking home
to decompress after being in the office all day.
I forgot how magical Gramercy Park is-
and Madison Square Park and Flatiron:
I love you!  I love you!  I can't say it enough!
image is my own
I forgot how much I loved seeing men in suits,
and forgot about babies and nannies on Park Avenue.
I forgot about flocks of friends heading to happy hour.
And how everyone in this muggy haze of August, shares a knowing smile on the subway.
The camaraderie of New Yorkers.
How? How could I forget all of this?
New York, my heart never swayed ...but my memory got foggy.
And for that I am actually grateful.
Because it's made this trip so very special.
To rediscover the things I used to take for granted.
I thought for a moment there, that I'd lost my inner New York compass...
my first day or so, I was clumsy, confused.
But, it's there.
It's always there,
tethered to my heart.
Pointing east, from west.